Cloud Hosting: A Present or Future?

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Have you ever imagined web hosting at click of your button?

Being a backbone of Amazon, Cloud hosting is everywhere. When we say it’s everywhere, it doesn’t mean data being present on physical server. Instead, all data is placed on virtual server. When we say it’s everywhere, it means it is the present, and a market worth $16 billion.

Does cloud hosting work same as standard web hosting? Well, apart from the fact that you can access data anywhere in cloud hosting, both web hosting phenomenon works the same.

However, cloud-based hosting offers many benefits over other options of web hosting. Let’s look at some of them.

More Reliable

When you host your website with any cloud providers, you might find the downtime much smaller than compared to other web hosting providers in market. This makes it more reliable to use. Rather than choosing one or two web servers, you get the leverage to choose from millions of servers.

More Secure

When it comes to web hosting, privacy is the most important concern. So, cloud hosting is more secure than opting for your own server. This is because your virtual server pulls your data under highest security standards. Not only cloud hosting services will prevent virtual servers, but also protect the data. However, both data and servers are not stored together. This way, it becomes much safer. This is also the reason why many opt for Canadian cloud web hosting best companies as they tend to be more reliable.

More Storage

Do you know how much storage a site needs? Well, the average page size is around 2Mb. So, in reality, you don’t need unlimited options as many web hosting packages offer to you. You are all good with standard cloud hosting package that costs around £5 / month.

Unlimited Parked Domains and Email accounts

It’s better to have few parked domains for later use. But, this is not essentially offered by most hosting companies. On the contrary, email accounts might have a lot of potential for you. Since you require emails to run your site, the more accounts you’ll have access to, the better it will be. Yet, unlimited seems unrealistic as you would hardly need 20 or maximum 100.


While there are number of cloud hosting providers, some offers the best deals and some does not. Harness the best cloud hosting services. With it, you can realize how to save more and grow.