Common myths about DNS, Web Hosting and Domain Names

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Are you a company wishing to go digital? Whether it be through setting an online store or website, there are certain foundational things that you will have to do regardless. This includes getting a web hosting or cloud hosting service, setting up a DNS (Domain Name System) server, and search for domain name ideas.

Well, there are certain myths floating about each of them that can make your task difficult. Here are some myths about these elements.

DNS runs on autopilot

What is DNS server? It is the system which contains the list of all public IP addresses. How DNS works? It converts and reads your domain name into IP addresses. So, when people type your website, it converts them to IP addresses which are then read and displayed.

 Many organizations think that they don’t need to give DNS much thought once they have configured it. While DNS does not require constant configuring, but DNS traffic needs to be monitored to ensure the security and performance of your website.

Free web hosting is just as good as premium ones

Many think they can get away with using cheap web hosting services. Well, the importance of having a quality web hosting service cannot be stressed. This is why premium USA web hosting providers are so popular. The last thing you need is for your website to crash because it is unable to bear the traffic. This is what happens when you use free web hosting. Rather than believing this myth, assign a budget to your web hosting needs. Look at cloud hosting options too. You will find Canadian cloud web hosting best companies offering solutions to you.

Domain names don’t matter

Some organizations tend to underestimate the importance of domain names. Rather than opting for a gTLD name, they go for top-level domains (TLD) because they are cheaper. What is gTLD name? It refers to domains extension like .com, and .org.  The prices domains have a reflection of their popularity. Whether or not you want to invest in premium domains is your choice. But, remember, domain names do matter. When you are looking for a domain name via domains name generator like Domain WhoIs, know that this is all part of branding. When you find the most relevant name, conduct domain name registration to avoid losing it.


Don’t believe every myth you hear. Do your research before you think of going digital.