What a Global Ecommerce Business should do for Your Online Store

You have been working to build your business and enterprise, and now you want to go scale up. Locally you have been successful, and it is time to branch into the international market. Many things will demand your focus. One of the most important aspects is your online presence. You want to create a store with a fresh look and easy navigation. In other words, you will be venturing into Global E-commerce Business.

With a complete hosted platform comes the opportunity to market and increase sales every time your fingers connect with the keyboard. There would be tools for marketing, managing your customers, inventory, orders, shipping, payments and analytics, among other things.

Smooth navigation on your website should automatically link to a shopping cart. Remember the reason you are carrying out business is to make sales!

Say you are content with your business website and all you need to add is a function, for instance, shopping cart. The E-commerce platform that you choose must be able to fix a trolley into your site. The shopping basket must be the ideal match for your store website design.

For businesses with a substantial website investment who want to employ e-commerce, the platform must host your store with a subdomain — something simple and effective such as shop.yourstore.com.

The platform must facilitate you connect card and check payments online. The Hosted Payments Page (HPP) can have a custom design button and will work on desktop and mobile. Customers will instantly connect to your branded page that the platform is hosting.
Online payments must be secure. Ensure that there is a facility for recurring billing. You want the platform to make your life as convenient as it is making your customers lives easy.

When an online store app is mobile responsive, it gives the site a higher rank on search engines. Besides, shoppers will enjoy the appeal since they spend a tremendous amount of time on mobile devices.

The platform for your E-commerce should provide tools that let you customize your business theme. How you will attach your logo, situate custom widgets, and manage your navigation style.
It should allow for the creation of a shortcut icon (favicon) so that customers can also make it easier for them to access your store.

Think about all the features your business needs to operate. Adjust the list of features below, to what your stores will find useful.
1. Displaying products
2. Handling taxes
3. Coordinating shipping, and integrating with courier services (FedEx, UPS, etc.)
4. Payments
5. Marketing tools
6. Gift certificates, rewards and coupons
7. Inventory
8. Integrating with other business tools, e.g. Quickbooks, that help with staff productivity
9. Analytics
10. Reporting capability to assist the management and board to receive pertinent information for running the business profitably

Run your business from the mobile device of your choice just as efficiently as you work from your desk. Manage orders, add new products, carry out marketing and peruse the sales reports from any location, warehouse or on a flight.

The E-commerce platform must support the retail and wholesale business. It should allow pricing options for customer groupings and login details.
Suppliers can manage their products and pricing with restricted access to your store. This will free time and effort for you to concentrate on your marketing and growing your business.
The platform should allow your business to sell goods on consignment and dropshipping. It should let you cover as many aspects of trading as you desire.

8. Global Interaction up

Going global means that you put your store out there on the international scene. There will be diverse languages and currencies coming into play.
The platform must allow you to customize your online business to support all the foreign markets you serve. And, on the same token, add new ones as they come up.
The differing time zones should not hinder trading, buying or selling to carry on.

A responsive platform will let your online checkout page accept all manner of payments. Some examples customers may use include checks, money orders, Paypal, AmazonPay, digital wallets, purchase orders, among others.
It will be logical if the platform services include assisting you to have a merchant account for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, for instance.

The platform providing your E-commerce functions must offer service and support to handle your queries, worries and custom requests. This service support should include custom design work and unique solutions, which tailor to your needs.
The perfect situation will allow you to communicate whenever and however is convenient for you. The service provider will receive and respond promptly to your calls, emails, chats and messages, and social media communications.

Specific tasks and jobs may require E-commerce tools to serve a particular purpose. Examples could be shipping, marketing, shopping cart abandonment, and many more. It is crucial that the platform can integrate your specific app. Or, the services should extend to customizing the program to allow the integration.

As in everything you do in business, you must let the choice for the platform serve the unique needs of your store. Look at the organization’s strategies and growth capabilities. Your goals must be clear and achievable so that you can take action.

Research about e-commerce platforms and compare the services and flexibility they offer. Look up the reviews on the big guns, e.g. Shopify, BigCommerce, and see why they are successful. 

The reason a business will choose to go global is that there is the potential for international trade and to increase profit. An international E-commerce platform can be a reliable conduit that will channel your online business up to the path of a billion-dollar store. The platform that will perform well is one that integrates custom e-commerce tools to your website. Customers prefer mobile-friendly solutions that are easy to navigate. It takes some flexibility and determination, but you can cover all your bases and come out a winner.

I have also been a customer for a few years and have always solved the technical problems in a very professional way. Problems always arise everywhere, but the customer service is exquisite and I do not change it. Thank you very much!
Andres Gonzales